Ngân Hàng Scb Hotline 24/7, Scb: Ngân Hàng Thương Mại Cổ Phần Sài Gòn

1900 6538 (fee of VND1,000/minute) is for regular customers. 1800 545438 (toll free) is for Premier members (Sapphire/Ruby/Diamond/Diamond Plus), cardholders of Visa Platinum/Master
Card World/Master
Card Be
Great; VIP corporate customers (Prime Platinum/Platinum/Gold/Silver), cardholders of SCB C-Master
Card/SCB BIZ Master

Request và contract for opening, using account và agreement on managing and using the joint current account

Can I prematurely withdraw money from my current savings book marked “Withdrawal prior maturity not allowed” to lớn re-deposit it with a similar term as the initial term khổng lồ enjoy higher interest rate?


“Withdrawal prior maturity not allowed”. This is clearly mentioned in the sản phẩm regulations.

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The withdrawal prior maturity is only permitted when customers are in force majeure cases such as sudden accidents, natural disasters, floods, fire hazards, death, etc.

However, instead of premature withdrawal, you can use some facilities offered by SCB such as loans secured by savings books, etc.

When my savings book comes lớn maturity but I do not come to lớn SCB to have my savings book settled, what will the interest rate be applied khổng lồ my deposit after such maturity?


As for the normal savings product, when the savings book becomes mature & customers vì not come to lớn SCB to have the savings book settled as well as vì chưng not give any instruction to lớn the contrary, customers’ deposits (the principal và the accrued interest) will be rolled over with a similar term as the previous one & enjoy the corresponding interest rate applicable at the time of roll–over. If at the maturity, such deposit term is not available, customers’ deposits will be rolled over with a next shorter term & a corresponding interest rate will be applied at the time of roll-over.

As for other deposit products, the periodic regulations on such products will be applied.

When my savings book becomes mature, may I have my savings book settled at a (sub)branch other than the issuing (sub)branch ? Does this settlement cause any fee charged on me ?


When your savings book become mature, you can have your savings book settled at any (sub)branch of SCB without any fee charged on you. However, you should inform the settling (sub)branch 01 working day in advance (for the amount of VND05 billion up or equivalent in foreign currencies) or 04 working hours (for amount of under VND05 billion or equivalent in foreign currencies).

If the maturity date of my savings book falls on the weekends or holidays ? What day can I have my savings book settled ? How is the interest rate calculated in this case ?


If the savings book falls on the weekends or holidays, it will be settled on the next business day after the weekends or holidays. Therefore, the interest on the deposit will be the interest calculated for the initial term plus the interest for the extended days at the agreed-upon rate.

A savings book is opened under my name & my spouse’s name. Can it be settled at my sole decision ?


The use of joint tài khoản is regulated according to lớn “the Agreement on managing & using joint account”. As for the settlement of savings books, joint account holders chose one of the following options: Settlement upon the approval of “one of joint account holders” or “all of joint tài khoản holders”. SCB will perform action as per request of the joint trương mục holders.

What is the procedure for opening a joint savings tài khoản ?


When opening a joint savings account, account holders should:

Present I.D. Cards or equivalent documents (for the trương mục holder whose age is ineligible for I.D. Thẻ or visa).

Sign an agreement on managing and using joint tài khoản (as per SCB’s form).

Register specimen signatures with SCB.

May I authorize another person lớn conduct transactions related to savings money such as receiving the principal amount và interest, rolling over deposits, settling savings books, etc. ? How is the procedure ?


You may authorize another person lớn receive the principal amount/interest on your savings book, pledge the savings book or have the full right to use the savings amount. Upon transaction, the authorized person should present the following documents:

• The savings book.

• The authorization document (in case SCB has not kept record of the authorization document).

• Valid I.D. Card or equivalent document of the authorized person.

The authorization document must have either SCB’s confirmation (in case made in SCB’s form) or local state authorities or other competent agencies. Your signature on the authorization document must be identical to lớn your specimen signature registered with SCB.

My relative is maintaining a savings book at SCB. He is now staying in a hospital for treatment. My family is considering the money withdrawal on that savings book lớn pay for hospital fees. What is the procedure ?


As for the savings books not allowed to lớn be withdrawn prior maturity, SCB will only approve the withdrawal prior maturity in case of force majeure or reasonable causes.

To withdraw money, you should proceed withdrawal procedure at the (sub)branch where the savings book has been issued. The required documents are as follows:

• A request for money withdrawal to lớn pay hospital fees certified by the hospital.

• A confirmation issued by a hospital doctor on the unconsciousness or loss of cognitive ability or loss of lucidity of the savings book owner.

• Payment documents.

• Relationship document.

• If the withdrawal of more than VND100 billion from the savings book of the spouse, the applicant must present the evidence that the issuance of savings book was made within the marital period & a commitment there has not been existed an agreement of property separation between husband & wife certified by public notary or by at least 1 heir of the first line.

Can I have my savings book transferred to my relative(s) ? What is the procedure?


Yes, you can. You & your relative(s) can proceed the transfer procedure at any (sub)branch of SCB.

At the bank, you must present your savings book, I.D. Cards of you & your relative(s) and a completed form of request for transfer of deposit ownership (as per SCB’s form).

After receiving all above documents, SCB will print out a new savings book under the name of your relative(s).

Notes: After transfer, all transactions related khổng lồ the savings book will be only made at the (sub)branch where the transfer has been made.

How can I get information of the outstanding balance on my current account opened at SCB?


To get information of the outstanding balance on your current trương mục at SCB, you can:

Use the service of balance inquiry via Phone Banking, SMS Banking, internet Banking. Before using, you must register this kind of service at any (sub)branch of SCB.

Contact with SCB tellers at transaction counters with your presentation of I.D. Card.

I have an trương mục at SCB branch in Ho đưa ra Minh City. Now, I am working in another city. I want to deposit money khổng lồ my account. Is there any fee charged on my depositing ?


Please click here to visit “SCB’s fee schedule”

What is SCB Master
Card Credit card ?


SCB Master
Card Credit card is a thẻ issued by SCB lớn cardholders for transactions via card within the credit limit approved by SCB and under agreements in the Terms & Conditions on thẻ issuance. It is a chip card of EMV standards (Europay – Master
Card – Visa) and can store encoded data with high security.

Automatic thẻ lock và activation


RequestSMS khổng lồ 8149Call Hotline
lớn lock all cards


Press (2) for thẻ lock request

Insert ID/Passport No. và press (#)

Press (1) to lock all cards

Press (2) to lock one card => Insert 4 last digits of the thẻ no

Or press (9) lớn talk to lớn the operator

To lock 01 card

SCB KHOATHE 4lastdigitsofcardnumber

To activate card

SCB KHT 4lastdigitofcardnumber ID/Passportnumber

Press (3) to activate card

Insert ID/Passport No. and press (#)

Insert 4 last digits of the thẻ no

Or press (9) to lớn talk khổng lồ the operator

What is the Principal cardholder ? the Supplementary cardholder ?


The Principal cardholder is a person who is the applicant under the application for credit thẻ issuance.

The Supplementary cardholder is a person khổng lồ whom a credit thẻ is issued at the request of the Principal cardholder.

What is the International card Association ?


International card Association means the association of financial or credit institutions or organization that issues & effects payment for international cards. It is an intermediary providing service of linking the processing systems for international card transactions, exchanging data via electronic size or documents.

What is thẻ validity ?


Card validity is a valid period printed on card during which the cardholder is allowed to lớn use card.

What is a transaction invoice ?


A transaction invoice is a document to lớn confirm the thẻ transaction made by cardholders.

What is credit thẻ statement ?


Credit card statement is a transaction statement monthly provided by SCB lớn cardholders informing the current balance, the minimum payment due, due date & other details related to lớn transactions, interest, fees arising during the statement period.

What is the due date ?


The due date is the final date on which cardholders must perform their obligation of payment according to lớn SCB’s regulations.

What is the minimum payment due ?


The minimum payment due is a minimum amount cardholders must pay on the due date at the latest.

What is the beginning balance ?


The beginning balance is the unpaid amount forwarded from the previous period.

What is the ending balance?


The ending balance is the amount currently due khổng lồ cardholders according khổng lồ the monthly statement.

What is arising transactions in a statement period ?


Arising transactions in a statement period are the information on all payment, purchases, cash advances or refunds in a statement period.

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What is a statement date ?


The statement date is a date of each month on which transaction statements are issued. The statement date of SCB Master
Card Credit thẻ is the 25th day of each month. Accordingly, the statements will danh mục arising transactions from the 26th day of the previous month to the 25th day of the statement period.

What is transaction date ?


The transaction date is the date on which cardholders make transactions of payment, purchase.

What is the posting date ?


The posting date is the date on which a transaction is posted on the credit card trương mục of cardholders.

What is the credit card account ?


The credit card account is an account opened in SCB thẻ system to be used for management of transactions, fees, interest, etc. Related to lớn the use of card. It is mutually used by the principal cardholder and supplementary cardholder.

What is the minimum payment due ?


The minimum payment due is the minimum amount cardholders must pay on the due date at the latest.

What is the benefits of SCB Master
Card Credit card ?


The benefits of SCB Master
Card Credit Card:

Buy now, pay later và interest-free credit period up khổng lồ 45 days.

Cash advance/payment at millions of ATM/POS machines with hình ảnh sản phẩm of Master
Card in Vietnam and worldwide.

Shopping on Internet.

More security with technology of magnetic and chip card according khổng lồ EMV standards.

Simple and convenient procedure.

Accumulation of reward points for gifts/cash.

Exclusive treatments for cardholders.

What should I look at when making transactions via SCB Master
Card Credit Card?


When making transactions via SCB Master
Card Credit Card, you should:

Check before signing invoices printed out from POS machines to lớn make sure of the consistent details of transaction amount, cardholder’s information.

Keep record of invoices for future reference.

What are noteworthy regulations on credit balance ?


Here are some regulations on credit balance:

Transaction amounts in foreign currencies will be converted khổng lồ VND amounts at the exchange rate quoted by the International thẻ Association and/or quoted by SCB at the posting date.

When cardholders pay the credit balance, the available credit amount will increase by the paid amount.

If cardholders duly pay all the closing balance, cardholders will be miễn phí of interest for goods and service purchases stated in the statement period.

If cardholders fail khổng lồ pay or vày not pay enough the minimum payment due on the due date at the latest, cardholders will be imposed a late payment fee & interest from the transaction date.

After 10 days from the due date, if cardholders have not paid the minimum payment due, cards will be temporarily locked.

What are security rules on credit cards ?


When using credit cards, please follow the following security rules:

Signing your name at the back of the thẻ right after receiving your card.

Keep your thẻ in a safe place và secure your thẻ information.

Secure your pin by:

+ Keep your sạc secret, bởi not either write it down on papers or store it in your điện thoại phones, etc.

+ vì not disclose your sạc or give your thẻ to anyone, not even your relatives.

+ Make sure no one sees you entering your sạc at all times.

+ Inspect the ATM/POS machine for anything suspicious or unusual before using.

Upon receiving transaction statements, check details on statements with those on receipts, invoices stored by you.

Make sure transaction amounts are in available limit at the time of transactions.

The supplementary cardholder(s) và principal cardholder jointly use the same credit limit. The principal cardholder và supplementary cardholder(s) are jointly liable for arising debt balance in statements under SCB’s regulations.

In case of loss of cards: immediately inform SCB thereof & have your card temporarily locked. If you want khổng lồ have it unlocked or otherwise, please liên hệ any (sub)branch of SCB for support.

In case of trouble with cards (swallowed cards, incorrect PIN, lost/stolen card, unauthorized use of card, etc.): please contact SCB via hỗ trợ tư vấn number on the thẻ back for support.

Bạn sẽ biết cách tương tác với ngân hàng sài gòn mà không cần phải đến các điểm xuất xắc Phòng giao dịch chưa? nội dung bài viết hôm ni Thiên Tú sẽ hướng dẫn đến bạn cách liên hệ với số hotline Tổng đài SCB cung cấp khách mặt hàng 24/7; cung cấp giải quyết các thắc mắc cũng giống như các 1-1 thư khiếu nại.

1. SCB thông tin liên hệ chi tiết

SCB có tên giao dịch không thiếu là Sai Gon Joint Stock – Ngân hàng thương mại dịch vụ Cổ Phần sử dụng Gòn. Hay nói một cách khác với tên đơn giản và dễ dàng là ngân hàng Sài Gòn. Đây là ngân hàng TMCP hợp tốt nhất từ ba ngân hàng là Ficombank, Tin
Bank, và SCB.

SCB là 1 trong trong 5 bank có tổng gia sản lớn tốt nhất tại Việt Nam. Thiết lập mạng lưới 239 điểm giao dịch đang vận động trải dài trên mọi cả nước.


1.1. Dịch vụ thương mại gửi tiết kiệm ngân sách và chi phí tại bank Sài Gòn

SCB hiện nay được reviews khá cao về tốc độ tăng trưởng cũng như quality dịch vụ. Một trong những đó là một trong những loại dịch vụ gửi tiết kiệm ngân sách và chi phí với từng khoản khuyến mãi khác nhau:

Chứng chỉ tiền gửi SCB ngân hàng ngắn hạn
Tiết kiệm khoản sinh lời mỗi ngày
Tiết kiệm Đắc Lộc Phát, Đắc Lộc Tài
Tiền gởi trực tuyến đường (Internet Banking)Tích lũy linh hoạt
Tiết kiệm thông thường
Tiết kiệm tuy vậy hành - bảo đảm toàn tâm…

Nắm bắt được tư tưởng khách hàng, bởi vậy các điều khiếu nại tham gia nhằm gửi tiết kiệm ngân sách và chi phí của SCB ngân hàng rất đối chọi giản. Ngoài ra, kỳ hạn gửi cũng vô cùng linh hoạt để quý khách hàng hàng rất có thể chủ đụng nhất trong vấn đề gửi ngày tiết kiệm.

2. Cách tương tác SCB

Với team ngũ support viên được đào tạo chuyên nghiệp cùng trang vật dụng hiện đại; tổng đài SCB sẽ cung cấp khách hàng những vấn đề sau:

Tư vấn tin tức về các thành phầm dịch vụ; chương trình khuyến mãi ngay mới độc nhất của SCBGhi nhận những ý loài kiến góp ý, bội phản hồi quality dịch vụ của khách hàng hàng.Hỗ trợ những nghiệp vụ Thẻ & ngân hàng số.Hỗ trợ kiểm tra giao dịch thanh toán và tình trạng thẻ.Kích hoạt thẻ hoặc tạm khóa/mở thẻ ngân hàng SCB.

2.1. Hướng dẫn call tổng đài SCB


Lưu ý:

Khi gọi đến tổng đài CSKH SCB, nhân viên có thể yêu ước bạn đưa tin cá nhân hoặc tài khoản để định danh. Tin tức cuộc gọi sẽ được ghi âm nhằm cải thiện chất lượng dịch vụ. Tuy nhiên, người sử dụng hàng rất có thể hoàn toàn yên trung ương rằng thông tin cá thể hay tin tức bảo mật đều sẽ được bảo bình yên tuyệt đối.

2.2. Cung ứng khách sản phẩm qua Email Mọi tin tức chuyển về tổng đài sẽ gấp rút được mừng đón và giải quyết trong thời gian sớm nhất.

2.3. Cung ứng khách sản phẩm qua Zalo

Bước 2: lựa chọn mục "Quan tâm" để liên kết với bank Sài Gòn.


2.4. Liên hệ với SCB qua MXH Facebook

Bước 2: Vào mục "Gửi tin nhắn". Bây giờ bạn đã có thể gửi những yêu cầu về hỗ trợ tư vấn sản phẩm/dịch vụ của ngân hàng SCB; hoặc các yêu ước hỗ trợ, khiếu nại,...


2.5. Ứng dụng SCB điện thoại Banking

Ứng dụng SCB thiết bị di động Banking có tính năng hỗ trợ dịch vụ người sử dụng như tra cứu vãn số dư, lịch sử dân tộc giao dịch tài khoản, tỷ giá, lãi suất, giá vàng, tra cứu kiếm ATM, bỏ ra nhánh, chuyển khoản trong hệ thống,... Hiện nay, vận dụng này vẫn được trở nên tân tiến cả bên trên 2 nền tảng gốc rễ là apk và i


Có thể bạn muốn biết:

3. Về Thiên Tú

Doanh nghiệp đầu ngành chuyên cung cấp các thương mại dịch vụ Đa Kênh bài bản cho dịch vụ CSKH. Cấp tốc và rất tốt là đông đảo điều Thiên Tú đã cùng đang góp khách hàng của chính mình hỗ trợ đúng lúc cho quý khách của họ. Từ tổng đài cho tới tính năng API social truyền thông trên nền tương tác Center bài bản đã góp Thiên Tú không ngừng cải thiện sự hài lòng của khách hàng Hàng.

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